Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the longest blog post in the world.

I guess I never updated about any of my internships.

WELL. I got one with a friend of a friend first, Dominic Neitz, which is awesome because he does personal editorial stuff a lot like the stuff I do/want to do. I think we're attracted to the same sorts of things visually and it's nice to be working with a freelance photographer instead of a company. We're working on his website now and it should hopefully be up by next week.

HERE is his website, once we get it running.

THEN. I ended up getting an internship with IMPOSE magazine, which is basically just them giving me a batch of photos and me retouching/cropping/prepping them for publishing on the web. 

HERE is IMPOSE magazine's website, and HERE is the first project I did for them. It was sort-of a weird project for me: their photographer ended up not being able to make it to this event, so they just gave me a bunch of cell phone pictures and really crappy point and shoot pix, and I had to make them all consistent/as un-crappy as I could. 

I took this of Morgan when she was visiting. This is on the way home from ToddP's acoustic BBQ at Fort Tilden (the prettiest beach in NYC!). I took it with her camera, and wherever she got it developed messed up the chemicals and there are bubbles all over the film. I sort-of like it...

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