Sunday, May 9, 2010


I just got back from a mini camping trip up north in Harrisville, Mi. It snowed while we were there (also I saw a fox! and two deer!) But was beautiful in the bittersweet way, you know the way I'm talking about, and I love my friends so much.

Finally, on Saturday (once it stopped snowing), the men got a fire started. Things started to get good, we were all really depressed and were thinking about going home because it was so cold. We toughed it out.

Lake Huron is literally 20 feet from Drew's parents' place (which is a 10x10 ft. shack, and we had 12 people sleeping in it, and 2 in another smaller shed).

I climbed up this too. We found this on a walk. But I didn't climb all the way to the top. I couldn't make it solely because I wasn't wearing my grip gloves, which are pictured here:

On the right side is my glove peekin' over the lens. None of us packed gloves so we went to Kmart and bought matching gardening gloves that have grips on the bottom. Good for holding beers and climbing things.

Here's some more random pictures of places and things:

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