Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the longest blog post in the world.

I guess I never updated about any of my internships.

WELL. I got one with a friend of a friend first, Dominic Neitz, which is awesome because he does personal editorial stuff a lot like the stuff I do/want to do. I think we're attracted to the same sorts of things visually and it's nice to be working with a freelance photographer instead of a company. We're working on his website now and it should hopefully be up by next week.

HERE is his website, once we get it running.

THEN. I ended up getting an internship with IMPOSE magazine, which is basically just them giving me a batch of photos and me retouching/cropping/prepping them for publishing on the web. 

HERE is IMPOSE magazine's website, and HERE is the first project I did for them. It was sort-of a weird project for me: their photographer ended up not being able to make it to this event, so they just gave me a bunch of cell phone pictures and really crappy point and shoot pix, and I had to make them all consistent/as un-crappy as I could. 

I took this of Morgan when she was visiting. This is on the way home from ToddP's acoustic BBQ at Fort Tilden (the prettiest beach in NYC!). I took it with her camera, and wherever she got it developed messed up the chemicals and there are bubbles all over the film. I sort-of like it...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Kevin just pointed out that in most of my entries on here I mention how sleepy I am. 

Here's a picture of Kevin's silhouette. 

Also in my last entry I wanted to post something about how nice it is to finally have time to do personal work now that school is over. So.

It's so nice to do personal work now that school is over. I have been trying to take pictures without trying to compose them or worry too much about things, which is such an awesome feeling. It's finally becoming relaxing for me to have my camera with me, rather than me worrying about how I'm going to compose this, and I am just relying totally on my instincts. 

night time

I've been exclusively using my FM since I've been here, and I took my 5D out for its first run last night. These are taken off of the pier by where I live in LIC, it's midtown. That bright thing is the Empire State Building.

Oh. Kevin and I went to Olive Garden today in Times Square for lunch, real New Yorkers. Olive Garden is so good.

Here is a long exposure I took, 13 seconds I think. I didn't have a tripod so I just set my camera on the railing. It's a little shaky.

I'm so sleepy. I've been really busy this week. I'm going to go play the Sims and then take a nap.