Monday, May 25, 2009


Like I said, I've been pretty busy with the move;

Here I am, Long Island City, NY. Kevin and I got in really late Wednesday night (we drove through the Appalachians in PA right when the sun was setting, it was so pretty), and I've just been unpacking, getting acclimated, and hanging out since then. I went to SOHO with my mom on Thursday, and then went to a show with a bunch of musicians from Michigan on Saturday. We got a bookshelf and a coffee table from IKEA so we spent yesterday rearranging the apartment and putting it together, so now I've got all of my stuff unpacked and it looks awesome in here. That picture is a picture I took last time I was here with my FM. It's got a light leak. Obviously. So now it's time to get serious and start applying for internships. 

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